Paul Ramsbottom

Wed, Sep 30 2020, 12:00 PM AEDT

The AI Powered Association
Member engagement is a popular term in Associations. But just reviewing a member’s historical engagement may be ‘too little, too late’ for many associations. What if it was possible to accurately predict (using one of your most valuable assets – your data) - a member’s future engagement? At this webcast, we'll discuss how advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, is today enabling associations to develop predictive models of member behaviour. We'll review how AI tools can be easily accessed and affordable for Associations and applied across the entire organisation to improve member engagement, and to provide more accurate forecasts for individual member renewals, event registrations, course enrolments, product purchases, committee involvement, and other key association specific activities. Case studies from leading associations will be used to help you understand how you can scale up AI in your association.
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